Those moments of magic seem to be appearing more frequently these days, and todays moment was particularly special and poignant.

Let me explain ……….. My children and I are like the proverbial ships that pass in the night. My son, aged 22 works weird hours in a pub and for a performing arts school. My daughter, aged 18, also works in a pub, has a good social life and often sleeps late.

We are rarely in the same place at the same time.

I count my blessings regularly. I am constantly amazed at these two special human beings, so different from each other and yet sharing some common and beautiful values. They share their views with passion and compassion, with a fierce honesty and integrity that leaves me quaking as I try to find the middle road of middle age.

They are good for me, and I for them. We share stories, ideas and opinions.
Not always agreeing but always listening. I love the way that they, and I, are so curious and fascinated by each others opinions and experiences.

Living with and loving them has made a difference to the way that I coach the teenagers that I work with too. I seem to have a better understanding of their issues with exams, relationships, parents and uncertain futures. I hear the voices of my wise and wonderful son and daughter, as I lovingly coach other people’s equally wise and wonderful sons and daughters to a place where they remember that they too are magical and majestic human beings.

And I feel humbled by the privilege of sharing their hopes and fears as we clear up their innocent, sometimes awesome, sometimes painful misunderstanding of how Life works.

I often hear “Oh, now that makes sense” or “Wow, it’s really simple isn’t it?!” as they look lighter, younger and less burdened by their seemingly complicated lives.

“When did you last smoke weed Mum?” asks my daughter, with genuine interest and knowing with certainty that the answer will be an honest one. I admit to being a wee bit grateful that my honest answer is “before you were born honey” and not “last week”, although I know that there would be no judgement coming from her, only me.

My son explains that weed is not what it used to be and people need to be more careful these days. He talks about his plans for work and travel and I bask in his words and his earnest passion.

Seriously! How did they get to be so gorgeous?!

Fifteen minutes we had together this morning. Just fifteen minutes before my son left for work and my daughter went upstairs to beautify an already perfectly beautiful face.

Suddenly and abruptly there was silence around the kitchen table and I held my breath in order to savour the moment, to hold on the the magical experience of what had just happened.

Then I exhaled a deeply satisfying sigh as the moment passed. For I knew that everything was okay because more magical moments were waiting in the wings for me, for us, for everyone.

In fact every moment can be magical, every moment is magical. The very fact that we are experiencing this amazing life is magical!

I sigh again, get up from the table and start to clear the dishes – with magic on my mind x

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