Hello lovelies,

Birthdays are funny times and, for me, a bit like New Years Eve, where I can get distracted by what I have and haven’t ‘achieved’ over the previous twelve months and what I could and should achieve over the forthcoming twelve months!

The results of the distraction aren’t always pleasant!

My recent birthday was a good one, with time spent with family and friends and a feeling of being loved and appreciated, all very lovely. No distractions of what I could or should have done over the previous twelve months, although there was a little bit of thought about the next birthday being a ‘big one!’

I found myself imagining what life would be like at sixty, and decided that I’d like to be in better physical shape than I am now! After a little bit of consideration, it made sense for me to put this post on Facebook ……………

I’ve decided it’s the year of the cat for me (cue Al Stewart 😊)

And the cow face, and the downward dog, and the cobra and the fish, and the corpse 😳

Because, today I’m 59, which means that this time next year I will be 60 and I’m going to enter that decade as fit and vibrant and gawjus as I can be.

So, today is the first day of 365 days of daily yoga practice, whether it be a couple of minutes stretching before I get out of bed or a couple of hours of repeated sun salutations and lotus pose (I wish 😂) meditations, I will do something every day.

More about this on my soon to be written blog.

Wish me luck lovelies 💕

That post seemed to create some interest, with some people contacting me to wish me luck and some asking if they could join in. Not physically of course, that would be weird as they came round to my place, jumped into bed with me to do some stretching, or contorting themselves into the lotus position!

No, I think that some people felt the ‘feeling’ behind the commitment that I was making and it stirred something in them perhaps? Whatever it was, there has been a little movement in the commitment department so if you’d like to join in please let me know.

As for how’s it all going for me so far. Well, it’s been a week and all good. All good despite the fact that I missed one day completely, I just forgot honestly! And another day involved five minutes of strange head rolls, my yoga teacher friends might be able to tell me what animal those movements are named after, maybe the owl or the sloth!!

Anyway, part of the commitment to self is not beating myself up if I miss any days, being aware of any procrastination activity and allowing myself a pat on the back (I must look up the name of that pose!) whenever I want.

I have realised by the way, that my body enjoys stretching and moving and contorting and it knows what to do if I let it take the lead. So, I get out my yoga mat, stand on it for a few minutes and then let me body decide what postures to get into.

No planning beforehand or even decisions to be made during. It just happens, when I get out of the way and allow it all to flow naturally. I’m sure that some of the positions that I’ve found myself in are not part of the yogic tradition and probably not even legal but no matter, no harm done and no-ones watching ……I hope!

Much like life in general I think. Let life flow through us, it knows what to do, we might find ourselves doing things out of the norm and new to us and everyone else, and if those things do turn out not to be legal, make sure that no-ones watching!

All so much simpler than we ever thought possible.

That’s all for now lovelies, don’t forget to get in touch anytime, come and join me on my Facebook page, and if you’re looking for guidance, mentoring or coaching through life’s ups and downs do let me know, I might be able to help.

With much love

Mandy xx

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The year of the cat.

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