The Three Principles – So, what’s it all about?

The Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness) is a spiritual understanding that explains the human operating system behind life.
It explains that:


Mind – is the universal energy that is constant and unchangeable. It is infinite and formless, the energy of creation that cannot be destroyed.

Thought – is the power of all human beings to create individual lives. The power of thought is used to form images or ideas within our personal minds.

Consciousness – is the gift of awareness. Without consciousness, we would never experience what we think or what we feel.

As our understanding deepens, we begin to see that all experience comes from within – and that it’s the interplay between our own personal thought and our level of consciousness that determines how we feel in the moment. How we feel is only ever a reflection of what we think. To understand this and the implications it has on our mental and physical health is truly empowering!

As Homeopaths we all understand that The Vital Force (Mind) is the spiritual, universal energy that inhabits the organism and can never be destroyed. Together with an understanding of the Three Principles we can see clearly that our well-being/vital force/universal mind is innate, always present and available to us. It helps us to ground ourselves in the knowledge that no one is ever broken and nothing needs fixing. It shows that within every one of us there is a resilience and ability to access inner wisdom and peace of mind irrespective of our external circumstances or perceived problems. The Principles show us that all of our experience is created from within and our healing potential is innate and never lost to us.

Being grounded in the Principles enables us to intuitively connect with our clients whilst simultaneously knowing that they are absolutely fine on the inside. As our understanding deepens, the truth of the Principles emanates from us, and our clients feel that certainty. Our confidence in the fact that every human being has the potential to access purity and wisdom at any time resonates with them and that feeling will sustain them throughout the healing process.

Understanding the Principles underpins everything we already know about homeopathy. There is no need to learn the Principles as we are all ‘doing them’ every minute of every day. All human experience is rooted in the principles and no one is any better than another. It is only the degree of our understanding that appears to differ and it is up to each of us whether we look to understand. But once we find the wisdom in universal mind/vital force/ well-being, our personal mind will be at peace and we can then truly be of service to our clients.

By Dawn Wilding, Programme Mentor

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The Three Principles & Homeopathy

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