Mandy Spray

I engaged with Mandy with a clear goal in mind. To end my relationship and move out. Big stuff. We achieved it.

Mandy kept pointing me back to the truth of who I am, whilst deeply listening with a connected presence and hearing my stories.
One of Mandy’s gifts is her ability to connect from love, to hear your pain and to always always see the real you who lies beneath all the mind chatter.

Mandy’s ability to see me enabled me to see me.

This cleared confusion and from there I’ve taken consistent positive action and my world is a lovelier place. Both inside and out.

Spending a day online with Mandy gave me the time to really settle deeply into the tranquil space that Mandy curates. From that space so much fun, laughter and deep healing unfolded.

I fully recommend working with Mandy, it’s magic.

Tracey Russell
Resilience Coach