Mandy’s teaching and coaching services are all designed individually so it’s good to have an initial chat to explore ideas and see what might be the best fit for you.

Although Mandy always encourages people who might be interested in working with her to get in touch and talk through ways that she can provide mentoring and support, she also has a range of services that may well be the perfect fit.

Services Include:

These are one-off 60 minute connected conversations, usually on line or by phone. Often referred to as ‘laser coaching’ these sessions are particularly helpful for people who already have an understanding of the three principles but just want to talk through an issue to get back on track and gain some clarity. Cost – £85
This is delivered as a bundle of three 60 minute coaching calls, usually over a period of three to six weeks. This package is ideal for people who are new to the three principles, and are looking to make sense of life through gaining an understanding of the logical and profound system that we operate we in as human beings! Cost £250
This programme is about transformational change. It is about deepening our understanding of how life works, in particular around areas where we may feel stuck and this understanding in turn can effect a deep and lasting change. Delivered as fortnightly 90 minute coaching calls with email or text support in between and the option to join Mandy’s weekly webinar group, this programme is ideal for those wanting to immerse themselves in an understanding of who they really are and what they can achieve! Cost – £850
Immersion days – a day to explore, connect, converse! Immersion days can happen at Mandy’s home in North London or in a London Park of your choice, and are a perfect way to quieten into a space where we gain insight and understanding into the nature of who we are and how we operate. Cost – Special Summertime offer! £250
A residential experience in beautiful surroundings where we deepen our understanding of the three principles in ways that transform and enliven our understanding of how life works. Light hearted and fun yet profound and transformational, these retreats have proven to be immensely popular. Cost – See the events page for more details of forthcoming retreats.
Held in the beautiful North East of Scotland these three day retreats are designed around you, and delivered in ways that include time spent in nature, in woodland, on riverside walks or exploring the dramatic coastline. Accommodation and all meals included. Cost – contact Mandy for more information.

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Mandy can help you with
Personal development
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Anxieties and stress (exam stress included!)
Weight and appearance issues
Relationship issues
Limiting inner beliefs
Health issues
and much more ……………