Mandy’s many years of working in health and social care settings have led her to a strong desire to support the workforces in these and other public sector settings. Working as nurse, residential social worker and then manager and trainer Mandy has an experiential understanding of the challenges that people face when working within often difficult, stressful and demanding situations.

The Resilience and Wellbeing programmes that Mandy now runs are practical and inclusive and delivered with warmth compassion and humour!

Mandy is continuing to expand this area of her service with new and bespoke programmes and involving other experienced trainers to work alongside her.

To date, we have delivered programmes to; social work teams, college tutors, school teachers, youth workers, residential support staff and private care agencies.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss ways that we can support you with your teams Resilience and Wellbeing.

“My work as a social worker was becoming more and more difficult and I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed and this was affecting my home life. I had started to look for other jobs.
Mandy’s workshop helped me to see where my feelings of stress were really coming from and work immediately started to feel easier. I Love my job again, rarely feel stressed and home life is great!!”
Lucy, Social Worker


“I was worried about my team, they were under a lot of pressure and morale was low. The Resilience and Wellbeing workshop really helped them to see where their stress was coming from and almost overnight people were enjoying their work, and the office atmosphere was a lot healthier and happier!”

Mike, Team Leader. Social services