Mandy is delighted to be able to offer this six-month programme which will be a unique and immersive experience for those participating.

This is a rolling programme so participants can start at any time, following an intake call. The intake calls are a great way to explore whether or not this is the right programme for you.
The programme will include a mixture of physical or online 1:1 mentoring sessions, training and connection webinars and access to amazing three principles online resources.

Why this programme?

“I fell in love with homeopathy in 1993 after the birth of my son and, after a few years I went on to train with the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London, qualifying to practice in 2005. I then dipped in and out of practicing, never losing my absolute passion for homeopathy and the homeopaths who are sharing this amazing healing modality. I had first-hand experience of the challenges homeopaths face when setting up practice, marketing their business and keeping their passion alive!
When I came across the Three Principles a few years ago I could immediately see how an understanding of how we experience life moment to moment could complement and enhance our role of healer and health educator. Since then I have coached and mentored students and homeopaths on a one to one basis, and the effect on their practice as well as all other areas of their lives has been quite remarkable.

From this experience, the idea of a programme was born, embracing a mix of one to one mentoring, online teaching webinars, peer support and access to amazing online resources.
Since coming across the Principles I have attended many trainings, workshops and retreats in order to deepen my own understanding as well as finding ways to share with others. I have started up my own coaching business that has included one to one mentoring, running workshops and retreats and designing and delivering programmes to organisations.
It now makes complete sense to me to combine my love of homeopathy and the Three Principles understanding as a way of supporting homeopaths to become even more effective in their intuitive and heartfelt healing. The world needs more homeopaths!” Mandy Spray LCHE

So, what’s it all about? 

The Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness) is a spiritual understanding that explains the human operating system behind life.
It explains that:
Mind – is the universal energy that is constant and unchangeable. It is infinite and formless, the energy of creation that cannot be destroyed.
Thought – is the power of all human beings to create individual lives. The power of thought is used to form images or ideas within our personal minds.
Consciousness – is the gift of awareness. Without consciousness we would never experience what we think or what we feel.

I’ve shared a post by Dawn Wilding, Programme Mentor with more detail on this, so please do read: The Three Principles & Homeopathy

So, what does the programme include?

  • Two mentoring sessions per month with Mandy or a member of the Insightful Practice team, via Skype or zoom.
  • Monthly ‘teaching’ webinars where we’ll focus on a particular topic with plenty of time for answering questions. Topics will be decided nearer the time and in response to participants’ interests and questions.
  • Three ‘Masterclasses’ from homeopaths who have successfully integrated their Three Principles understanding into their practice.
  • Monthly ‘peer led’ connections webinars where we share our experiences.
  • A physical workshop, paid for separately but at lo cost! Venues to be decided.
  • Membership of a closed Facebook group – great for sharing ideas, insights and discussions.
  • Support to identify your dream clients and how to work with them.
  • Access to a buddy system.
  • An Insightful Practitioner certificate on programme completion.
  • Oh, and warmth and a good laugh hopefully!

This programme will be an evolving process, and Mandy genuinely encourage ideas, suggestions and feedback. (Those of you who know Mandy, know that’s true!)

Who might the programme be a good fit for?

The programme is for homeopaths at any stage in their career – from students to those with many years’ experience of running their own homeopathic practice.
You will be willing to get curious, listen from a place of deep enquiry and challenge your own beliefs about everything!
You will also be wanting to deepen your own understanding of life in order to make more sense of your own experience whether within the areas of relationships, health, work or something else!
You will be wanting to deepen your connection with your clients, allowing for intuition and insight to guide you during consultation and prescribing.

The cost

The cost is £1,900 for the full programme (payment options are available)

What next?

You may well have some questions about the programme and Mandy would welcome a chat with you about it.
You will learn that she really is here to serve and not sell, and Mandy will be honest if she doesn’t feel that you are a good fit for the programme at this stage.

So, send an email or give Mandy a ring, she’s looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 07879436659