Personal Coaching

Mandy came across the Three Principles in 2010 and life started to make more sense!
Since then she has trained as an Innate Wellbeing Facilitator and loves to work with individuals and groups sharing her understanding of how life works so that they can create a life that makes sense to them.
She has a warm and engaging way of supporting people to get in touch with their own unique potential, so that they can ride the up and down waves of life with more understanding and ease, as well as more fun!
Every one of us was born for greatness and we knew that, until we forgot! Working with Mandy will help you to remember again.


Leadership Coaching

We all have a leader inside of us. A leader that’s ready to point the way to others, whether that’s in business, education, health or social care.
Mandy loves working with leaders; supporting them to understand how life works so that they can fearlessly and powerfully support others.
Teams who experience leadership from authentic and powerful leaders can’t help but become empowered and energised themselves! This leads to decreased stress levels, increased productivity and teams experiencing greater levels of personal health and wellbeing.
The world is changing and needs compassionate and powerful leaders, Mandy is passionate about working with world changers who are affecting change in creative and heartfelt ways.


Network Coaching

There is a powerful energy when groups get together for growth and transformation, both personally and collectively.
We are all connected by that spark inside and work powerfully and compassionately when we connect with each other, especially when we share common goals of positive change.
The connections that Mandy will help you to make via her network coaching will mean co-support for life, whether through workshops, , team building sessions or on-line groups.