So, I decided to write something today, a story, a newsletter. Anything really, something that I could send out to all you lovely lot. It’s been a while.

I’ve been sitting here for three hours, waiting for inspiration. Nothing yet. Although I have been inspired to do other things, quite random really.

I did a bit of yoga (see earlier blog ‘The year of the cat!’), talked to Charlie the cat, read a bit, gazed out the window, ordered some floor cleaner from Amazon (sorry, I am trying to avoid Amazon), sent a few Facebook messages, fed Charlie the cat, plumped a cushion, made a coffee, drank the coffee, watched a Led Zeppelin music video (blimey they’re good!), washed a window (yep only one), and even timed how long I could stand on one leg, and that was not during the yoga session.

I also did a lot of thinking, a huge amount of thinking! I wonder how many thoughts floated through over the last three hours?! And each one came with a feeling of course, and this meant that my feeling state fluctuated a lot! Interestingly there weren’t any dramatic Tarrantino type movies being made in my head, but more of the gentle Chamomile Lawn type stories. There were smatterings of mean thoughts, you know the type – “you’re being lazy, just get on with it etc” Lots of these included the word should of course.
But today, for some reason, I just saw these for what they were, annoying little wisps of thought energy that required no attention whatsoever.

I suddenly started to be pretty impressed about just how creative we really are, even when, to the rest of the world, and ourselves a lot of the time, we are sat ‘doing nothing’! Now that thought did look to be deserving of my attention and so I let my mind wander a bit, down the path signposted Creativity.

Whoa, what a rich and seductive seam of wonderment I had stumbled across!
I started to think about what I was creating as I sat there, on the sofa, feet up, with Charlie the cat next to me. I realised that I needed the loo (yep the coffee had taken hold) and started to laugh as I realised that I had created the wee! Okay, before you start, I know it’s not really me as I’m actually a spiritual being having a human experience, but let’s pretend for a while.

As my curiosity grew I became aware of more of my physical bodily creations. The wee, the achey knee, the itchy ear, the laughter, the wind (oops). But how many other million, trillion, squillion physical creations that I had no awareness of at all were taking place within me right this moment, and this moment, and this moment!! Cell growth, cell destruction, breathing, digesting, restoring, cleansing, communicating etc etc etc.

To say that I sat for a while in awe of this amazing creation that is Me is an understatement! Will this realization make a difference to the way that I treat my body in future? Probably not when the chocolate urge kicks in, but heyho.

So, when I’d got over being star struck with myself (you really should try it!), I returned to the amazing creative power that is Thought. As in, we have a thought, we become aware of that thought and we have an experience of that thought via feeling. Oh how I love this simple, oh so logical description of how we experience everything. Yes everything!

That got me to thinking about some of the clients that I am currently working with (There is room for more if you’re interested by the way – just get in touch ;-). What we do during our sessions is hang out in the playground of creativity, and what comes up is anyone’s guess. We marvel, cry and laugh at the experiences we have created via thought, we wallow in and wade through the mucky bits, dance and twirl through the sparkly bits and often spend moments or minutes in the space where anything, nothing and everything resides. The place where no words are needed. We hold our breaths, sense the invisible smile and feel a connection that is impossible to describe. I see people’s faces change and their eyes sparkle in wonderment. We know without knowing that we’ve touched the ultimate creative space and, from there, and by doing nothing we find ourselves taking action, making mischief, having fun, allowing ideas and insights that weren’t even a twinkle in our eye moments before.

Just knowing that we have this space for creation within us, in fact it is us, just as it is everyone and everything in the whole wide world (another day for this one I reckon!!) can be enough for us to take a breath, settle into ‘doing nothing’ and respond to whatever occurs to us in the moment. Or not.

So, what happened to my wanting to write something today? Well, here is it, hope you like it and do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

With love,

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