The power of a good listen!

The power of a good listen!

Hello lovelies, I thought that I’d share Vicky’s story with you, hope you find it interesting. Vicky (not her real name) asked to work with me because she was feeling stuck and just couldn’t see a way out of the life that she was living unless she made drastic changes, which she felt would seriously rock the boat for her and her family.  She explained that her head was in a constant whirl as she

How to Make Sense of Life: Via Summertime Coaching at Regent’s Park

Hello lovelies, I was about to let you all know that my Summertime Coaching days are back on the agenda and decided to ask one of my clients Nicole, to write a few words about her experience this time last year. Nicole has been taking part in one of my mentoring programmes and is fast becoming an amazing and impactful health and well-being  mentor herself. Now, I knew that Nicole was impacted by our conversation


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