Consistently Creating

So, I decided to write something today, a story, a newsletter. Anything really, something that I could send out to all you lovely lot. It’s been a while. I’ve been sitting here for three hours, waiting for inspiration. Nothing yet. Although I have been inspired to do other things, quite random really. I did a bit of yoga (see earlier blog ‘The year of the cat!’), talked to Charlie the cat, read a bit, gazed

The Three Principles & Homeopathy

The Three Principles – So, what’s it all about? The Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness) is a spiritual understanding that explains the human operating system behind life. It explains that:   Mind – is the universal energy that is constant and unchangeable. It is infinite and formless, the energy of creation that cannot be destroyed. Thought – is the power of all human beings to create individual lives. The power of thought is used

Relationship counselling (or not)

In my last blog I talked about a friend who thought that I was a relationship counsellor, which I’m not, or am I? I’m sure that I’m not a counsellor, more of a facilitator or teacher I guess. I call myself a coach but even that doesn’t always sit right with me. I decided a while ago that it doesn’t matter what I call myself so I’ll leave it there, for now at least! Now

What’s my job here?

My daughter has recently sat her last AS level exam and is in that lovely state of euphoria when, despite a few more weeks of school, she has the summer stretching ahead of her with the promise of a heat wave! The last few weeks have been fascinating for me, watching her wrestle with a whole jumble of feelings as she revised for her exams, and knowing that I had nothing to do except love


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