Having trouble making decisions

Decisions, decisions This morning I had a problem with making a decision. For a while I stood statue-like, barefoot in my kitchen, genuinely not knowing what to do. The paralysing decision that I had to make was whether to have mint tea or chamomile! I felt myself getting tight and irritable as I tried to force a reaction towards green or yellow, I was even holding my breath – how crazy! Then the increasingly familiar

Here comes the sun!

A moment in the Sunshine Today I woke up with a full ‘to do’ list in my head. Thoughts seemed to be racing and tumbling over each other as I lay there working out priorities, essentials and maybes. These thoughts appeared to juggle and fight each other in an ever increasing circle of competitiveness – “I’m the most important ”, “No, I’m more important, you should pick me”, “ Don’t pick any of them, disaster

Living by Labels

A while ago, I visited a young man and his family to help them plan for their son after he left college. Jake was 17. Rachel and Jim, Jake’s parents were both there.  Jake didn’t want to meet me and stayed in his room, at least for a while?!  I asked Rachel and Jim to describe Jake in five words this is what they came up with; Depressed, Hyperactive, Aggressive, Angry and Destructive. They then added:

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