What’s my job here?

My daughter has recently sat her last AS level exam and is in that lovely state of euphoria when, despite a few more weeks of school, she has the summer stretching ahead of her with the promise of a heat wave! The last few weeks have been fascinating for me, watching her wrestle with a whole jumble of feelings as she revised for her exams, and knowing that I had nothing to do except love

Jus’ leave ‘em be maid, they’ll settle down

I was brought up in a small Devon village, in the midst of an active farming community. As child I was part of a gang of bony kneed, freckle faced explorers who loved nothing more than to roam around the countryside making dens and searching for escaped convicts (that’s a story for another time!) I particularly loved hanging about the farms, helping the farmers with their chores whilst trying desperately to avoid being bitten by

Why I decided to call myself a Coach

I had always thought that being a coach meant being an expert at something, sharing your expertise with another person in order for them to increase their skills and showing them how to attain a pre-set goal. I now realise that a coach can be that, but it can also be something quite different.   One of the dictionary definitions I came across is as follows: someone who you pay to give you advice about

Having trouble making decisions

Decisions, decisions This morning I had a problem with making a decision. For a while I stood statue-like, barefoot in my kitchen, genuinely not knowing what to do. The paralysing decision that I had to make was whether to have mint tea or chamomile! I felt myself getting tight and irritable as I tried to force a reaction towards green or yellow, I was even holding my breath – how crazy! Then the increasingly familiar

Here comes the sun!

A moment in the Sunshine Today I woke up with a full ‘to do’ list in my head. Thoughts seemed to be racing and tumbling over each other as I lay there working out priorities, essentials and maybes. These thoughts appeared to juggle and fight each other in an ever increasing circle of competitiveness – “I’m the most important ”, “No, I’m more important, you should pick me”, “ Don’t pick any of them, disaster

Living by Labels

A while ago, I visited a young man and his family to help them plan for their son after he left college. Jake was 17. Rachel and Jim, Jake’s parents were both there.  Jake didn’t want to meet me and stayed in his room, at least for a while?!  I asked Rachel and Jim to describe Jake in five words this is what they came up with; Depressed, Hyperactive, Aggressive, Angry and Destructive. They then added: