The power of a good listen!

The power of a good listen!

Hello lovelies, I thought that I’d share Vicky’s story with you, hope you find it interesting. Vicky (not her real name) asked to work with me because she was feeling stuck and just couldn’t see a way out of the life that she was living unless she made drastic changes, which she felt would seriously rock the boat for her and her family.  She explained that her head was in a constant whirl as she

Consistently Creating

So, I decided to write something today, a story, a newsletter. Anything really, something that I could send out to all you lovely lot. It’s been a while. I’ve been sitting here for three hours, waiting for inspiration. Nothing yet. Although I have been inspired to do other things, quite random really. I did a bit of yoga (see earlier blog ‘The year of the cat!’), talked to Charlie the cat, read a bit, gazed

How to Make Sense of Life: Via Summertime Coaching at Regent’s Park

Hello lovelies, I was about to let you all know that my Summertime Coaching days are back on the agenda and decided to ask one of my clients Nicole, to write a few words about her experience this time last year. Nicole has been taking part in one of my mentoring programmes and is fast becoming an amazing and impactful health and well-being  mentor herself. Now, I knew that Nicole was impacted by our conversation

Living in a What If World

A few people have been asking why I do the work that I do, how I started and what life was like before! So, I thought I’d answer the question here, and of course, it’s turned out to be longer than I expected! It’s funny as I would never have described myself as being particularly anxious, and it’s only now with the absence of the anxious thinking (or huge reduction) that I realise how much

The Three Principles & Homeopathy

The Three Principles – So, what’s it all about? The Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness) is a spiritual understanding that explains the human operating system behind life. It explains that:   Mind – is the universal energy that is constant and unchangeable. It is infinite and formless, the energy of creation that cannot be destroyed. Thought – is the power of all human beings to create individual lives. The power of thought is used

The year of the cat.

The year of the cat.

Hello lovelies, Birthdays are funny times and, for me, a bit like New Years Eve, where I can get distracted by what I have and haven’t ‘achieved’ over the previous twelve months and what I could and should achieve over the forthcoming twelve months! The results of the distraction aren’t always pleasant! My recent birthday was a good one, with time spent with family and friends and a feeling of being loved and appreciated, all

A pretty good Mum ………..or am I?

A couple of weeks ago Brian and I went to Scotland to do the finishing touches (again) to our beautiful little house in Scotland (no, not a stone-walled croft with roaring fires, but a seventies bungalow with central heating, stunning all the same!) When we left home in London in the early hours of Thursday morning, our daughter was feeling unwell. She had a fever, a back ache and was feeling miserable. I suspected flu.

With Magic on my Mind

Those moments of magic seem to be appearing more frequently these days, and todays moment was particularly special and poignant. Let me explain ……….. My children and I are like the proverbial ships that pass in the night. My son, aged 22 works weird hours in a pub and for a performing arts school. My daughter, aged 18, also works in a pub, has a good social life and often sleeps late. We are rarely

Relationship counselling (or not)

In my last blog I talked about a friend who thought that I was a relationship counsellor, which I’m not, or am I? I’m sure that I’m not a counsellor, more of a facilitator or teacher I guess. I call myself a coach but even that doesn’t always sit right with me. I decided a while ago that it doesn’t matter what I call myself so I’ll leave it there, for now at least! Now

Party time!

I was at a party last week and found myself sitting next to a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. It was great to catch up. After he’d told me about his retirement and what his children were up to, he then said, “So, what are you up to these days? Sue tells me you’re doing some sort of relationship counselling.” I immediately felt awkward and panicky as my thoughts tumbled into a


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