After many years of living with anxiety and worry and believing that was just her personality or ‘the way things were’ Mandy came across a psychological understanding that changed everything (the three principles). For the first time, she was able to make sense of life, and with that understanding came a freedom that she hadn’t thought possible!

The worry and anxiety began to dissolve and a sense of well-being, ease and fun reappeared!  Life still had it’s ups and downs of course, but Mandy’s experience of those ups and downs was gentler, warmer and kinder.

Since life became so much easier Mandy has spent time learning about and teaching this understanding to hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, and with a wide range of struggles and issues that they were wanting to be rid of!

Mandy’s blogs are written as a result of the work that she has done with individuals or groups.

Originally from Devon, Mandy now lives in North West London but spends much of her time back in Devon and also in the beautiful North East of Scotland.

Thanks to modern technology Mandy can speak with clients from all parts of the world!

Apart from setting up her own coaching and mentoring business Mandy has supported other Three Principles training organisations through student mentoring.

Mandy is a certified Innate Wellbeing Facilitator and a Clarity Coach and Trainer.
Mandy is supporting coaches and mentors in setting up their own practices and enjoys co-facilitating at various events around the country.

Mandy has also been running workshops and programmes via her organisation
Clear Mind Academy with health and social care organisations, including Local Authorities.

“ I’ve worked in caring or therapeutic roles all of my working life. From nursing to counselling, homoeopathy and other energy medicines. And now I point people towards their true, amazing selves via a logic that explains the human experience from the inside out! How cool is that! And how lucky am I to spend time with fabulous people and watch them wake up to an experience of life that is easier, more fulfilled and definitely more fun and loving”

– Mandy Spray