Coaching Programmes

These sessions are all about having a vibrant, connected conversation. Connecting within a space from where we can see what is really going on, breathe into a clearer understanding and, from there, clarity!

Sometimes known as ‘laser coaching’ this is a great opportunity for you to be reminded of your own amazing creativity and resilience and to see your ‘issues’ in a new light!

We all have an incredible innate resource that enables us to be healthy, happy and well – we just need to be reminded of that sometimes!


Resilience Programmes

Mandy is passionate about helping the public sector workforce to deliver heartfelt, effective and supportive services.

She does that via her Resilience and Wellbeing programmes that are specifically designed for health and social care organisations, education and the voluntary sector.

Mandy is continuing to expand this area of service with new programmes and involving other experienced trainers to work alongside us.



Mandy is often invited to take part in events, including those on line. She is recognised as a warm and engaging speaker who likes to support people to make sense of life.

Mandy enjoys working alongside other trainers, often but not exclusively her own longer term programme clients.

Events range from one of meetups to five day retreats and everything in between!