"Every one of us was born for greatness and we knew that, until we forgot! Working with Mandy will help you to remember again."

Coaching via Telephone or Skype 

1on1 Coaching. This includes 4 x 90-minute coaching sessions with email support between calls.

Full Price: £380

Longer Term Mentoring Programme

Together with Mandy, you find a programme that suits you, with 90
minute coaching sessions, in between email support and access to online resources.

Making Sense of Life Immersion Retreat

A unique, individualised and powerful three-day immersion retreat just for you! Held in London or the beautiful North East of Scotland.

Jamie Smart

Mandy Spray really gets it. She cares deeply about people, has a deep understanding of the principles behind clarity, and radiates the kind of presence and awareness that come with it.

Jamie Smart

Lian Brook-Tyler

Mandy Spray is a World Changer in one of the warmest, funniest, wisest and most engaging packages imaginable. Having Mandy on your side means having a flow of her down-to-earth wisdom about ‘how things really work’ along with her x-ray vision which allows her to see what’s flipping awesome and unique about YOU.  

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The Relationship Series with Mandy Spray

]Here is an episode from the Relationship series with Ankush Jain about the Misunderstanding of Stress & The Power of Support. Enjoy!...